Promotional Products for Law Firms: Create a Powerful Client Experience

Whatever your position is at a law firm, be it attorney, law clerk or paralegal, an important part of your job is creating a powerful client experience. According to The National Law Review, one of the best ways to differentiate your law firm from your competitors is to micromanage the client experience. This entails providing exceptional customer service and creating a relaxing, yet professional legal space for clients and staff to thrive. Too often, micromanagement is seen as a bad thing – but that is not the case when it comes to ensuring your clients have the best possible experience with your firm. You not only want them to return and refer, you want the word on your good reputation to be spread.

Here’s another option to create an extraordinary customer service experience for clients: promotional products! It is important to analyze the ways clients come into contact with your firm and to create a unique and effective client experience. Promotional products work to further these key strategies.

Promotional products can be great impact points for law firms. Clients will notice the high-quality, branded pens they use to fill out forms. They will be impressed when they find that the coffee or tea offered by receptionists is served in a ceramic coffee mug branded with your law firm’s logo. These little details make a well-rounded experience for clients and will paint a positive image of your brand in their minds.

How do you do that? It’s simple. At, we carry more than a million promotional items that can be branded with your logo, or the name and contact information of your practice. When you enhance your clients experience with promotional products, they are more likely to return and refer!

Here is the link to our promo products for Law Firms!

Steps to Rebranding your Company

Rebranding your company with promo products So you have decided that you want to rebrand your company. Doing so will be a bold move, but it will also be a tricky one if you don’t go about it the right way. Here are a few steps and tips that you should consider when looking to rebrand your business.

Why Rebrand?

So why would you want to rebrand your company in the first place? You need to figure this out first. There could be many reasons including improving your image, creating appeal for a new product launch, or sprucing up your company for a new generation. But before you go ahead, you have to understand what such an endeavor will involve. The first step is to take the time to sort out your goals of the rebrand and make a blueprint that gets you there. You need a properly planned foundation before you can build on it.

Rebranding Costs

As mentioned, rebranding is a huge endeavor. It’s not one that that will happen overnight, and it’s probably not going to be cheap. Think about costs for your graphic design and marketing departments. It’s not only the big things either. There are many forgettable costs that must be accounted for, so they don’t sneak up on you. Add any potential costs into your plans.


In addition to updating the sign out front, you will also want to update your company’s website. You want your website to be attractive to new users and young consumers. People tend to be turned off by outdated and hard to navigate sites.

Update Everything

Your website is just a start. You will also need to have your design team hard at work on an updated company logo, mission statement, and maybe even a new or updated company name. Take time to think of what these changes may be and once you have some designs, be sure to test, test, and test some more with the marketing department, your customers, and your employees to get their feedback.

Promotional Products

Once you have your new logo or company name set in stone, you will want to invest in some promotional products that will help you spread your message. The sky’s the limit for what you can use to promote your company. Put your logo on everything from pens and stationary to shirts and mugs and then get your merchandise out there to the masses! The more eyes you attract to your rebranding efforts, the more successes you will see.

At, we can design and sell all of the promotional products listed above and so much more. We even sell personalized office awards and trade show gear. Shop online or contact us for great ideas!

Popular Giveaway Items This Year

Giveaway ItemsIn 2018, the latest trends have made the market more exciting than ever for promotional products. Knowing what customers want or need right now is integral to crafting a successful marketing strategy, so we tell every client we work with to keep tabs on the industries they’re in and what’s selling. With that being said, we’ve done our research to compile the most popular giveaway items this year. Here are just a few:

Branded Food and Beverage

We know you’ve heard this before, but it bares repeating: in 2018, the brand is everything. Customers are the most informed they’ve ever been and now shop according to the brands they know, or hear about. So it’s no surprise that one of the hottest promo items this year is branded foods and beverages. At, we offer a wide selection of ‘special occasion’ promo items, that allow clients to customize everything from wine bottles to shot glasses.

BPA-Free Water Bottles

This is the age of environmental consciousness, and lately, plastic water bottles have fallen by the wayside. Customers want products that have little to no carbon footprint, and are easy to carry around. That’s why you’ve been seeing more BPA-free water bottles around lately. We’re proud to have more BPA-free water bottles than we can name, each one different than the next. Customize yours today!

Smartphone Accessories

We’ve said this the past few years, but really, they haven’t gone anywhere. Smartphone accessories are still incredibly popular, as more and more customers look to their devices for entertainment and business. What’s the latest craze? Solar chargers, mini-USB fans and portable charging devices.

Make 2018 the year that changes your business by adopting some of the hottest market trends out there. For whatever your promotional needs may be, is here to help. Contact us today!

Short-Term, Long-Term & Brand-Memory Explained

Brand-MemoryOur brains are pretty amazing. Of the millions of different tasks they perform every day, memory is just one of them. Of course, there are different types of memory: short-term and long-term. For business owners and marketers, imprinting brand memory in consumers’ brains is absolutely key. Confused by all this terminology? Read on!

The first thing you should know is that short- and long-term memory each work from different parts of the brain. When you have to remember an address or the name of a new acquaintance, your pre-frontal lobe (the part of your brain just behind your forehead) becomes very active imprinting the short-term memory.

Now, if you went to that address every day or if the acquaintance became a friend, the address or name would become part of your long-term memory. Information is transferred to the long-term memory from the short-term memory via a different part of your brain, the hippocampus.

Now, how does all that apply to your business? Well, first of all, when a customer frequently encounters your brand – by seeing your logo, by hearing others talk about it, by interacting with it in person – your brand continuously enters his short-term memory.

All interactions with your brand – advertising, products, and reputation – contribute to brand memory.

As short-term brand memories accumulate, your brand enters the customer’s long-term memory as well. Voila – long-term brand memories are imprinted, and the customer instinctively reaches for your brand because it’s familiar and has positive associations!

Branded merchandise is a great way to imprint brand memory. Whether it’s a T-shirt, a tote bag, a pen or a beach blanket, if a customer frequently uses a product emblazoned with your logo, your brand memory will stick in her brain, encouraging her to become a loyal, long-term customer. Branded promotional products from are a great way to go – place your order online today!

How You Can Show Appreciation at Work

Showing appreciation at workIt’s no secret that gratitude and appreciation are the keys to a healthy outlook. Think about the people who make your workday brighter – the colleague who volunteers to help out with a project, the mentor who gives you valuable career advice or that person who always smiles at you in the elevator. Chances are, you feel pretty grateful for those people!

Don’t keep those feelings of gratitude to yourself. When you show other people at work how much you appreciate them, you brighten their day as well, encouraging them to pay it forward and create a positive culture in the workplace.  An atmosphere of appreciation motivates people to work harder, and is directly linked to job satisfaction.

Saying a simple “thank you” is one way to show appreciation, but perhaps you’d like to go above and beyond. Try a few simple tips:


Give the person you appreciate a specific compliment that makes them feel proud. For example, you could say: “Thank you so much for helping me edit that report. You have quite a way with words!”

Let the world know

At the next team meeting, mention how much you appreciate the help you received from your teammate. You could also email the person’s boss to let him or her know how grateful you are.

Take them out

Offer to buy your coworker lunch, coffee or a happy hour drink as a token of your appreciation.

Give a gift

Everyone loves a nice present. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out for a wide array of branded merchandise that would make great “thank you” gifts!

Common Promotional Product Myths

Promotional Product Myths

Promotional products are too expensive. They’re not worth the investment. No one pays attention to them. Have you heard this before? We sure have. That’s because there is so much misinformation and myths out there about promotional products, and what they can afford your company.

So we’re here today to dispel a few of the most common ones.

Promotional products are overpriced

We beg to differ. In fact, not only are promotional products not too expensive, they’re some of the most cost-effective means of advertising in the industry. For what they offer, they’re a true bargain.

Promotional products are all the same

If that’s the case, then you haven’t seen our selection at, where we offer a constantly evolving line of the best promotional products around. And, they can be customized!

Promotional products are cheesy

We can’t tell you how often we hear this one—that promotional products come off as tacky, and nobody actually uses them. But then we hear from clients who cannot get enough of them. That’s because customers like free swag that is directly linked to a brand or event held that they recognize, and respect. If it’s funny, even better!

Other advertising works better than promotional products

There is no argument that a commercial or billboard are, also, effective ways of advertising. But we see promotional products as laying the foundation for future potential growth. Once you have that marketing tool in hand, there is no telling what your company can achieve.

What’s the benefit of promotional products?

Promotional products offer free advertising, brand recognition and new and innovative ways of communicating your company to the customer.

At, we’re always looking for the latest advances in the promotional product industry, as we try to offer the most diverse range of products around. Whatever your company’s needs are, we’ll fit them and we’ll knock those myths out once and for all!

How to Follow-Up After an Event

How to Follow Up After an EventIt may seem like your corporate or promotional event has come to an end, but really, that’s just the beginning. Now that you have a whole new rolodex of contacts to sift through, it’s time for one of the most important steps in any sales process: the follow-up. And with vendors and clients, a proper follow-up can go a long way in establishing a successful relationship.

Here’s how to land it:

Be Prompt

At the heart of every successful follow-up is a demonstration of your company’s values, and what you offer clients. And reliability should be one of them. So a follow-up note or email that arrives weeks after an event may not be the best idea. We highly recommend sending your follow-ups two to three days after an event ends, to start immediately growing what was already started. This will tell clients that you mean business.

Be Thankful

Showing is caring, and one of the best things you can do for a client is appreciate their time. That means saying thank you.

But before you send, consider your size. If it was a large event, with many vendors or clients, it’ll be easier to email those involved, thanking them for their attendance. However, if it was a smaller event, with fewer parties in attendance, a physical thank you card or note will relay your appreciation. This small act shows a client that you care about growing their relationship, and hope to work together soon. And if you have any event photos with the client, include them!

Be Informational

Follow-ups that lack anything substantial to offer the client or customer will likely hit a dead end fast. So be ready to deliver with future dates for events, special offers, or any other information that may prove useful. But remember: you’re not selling quite yet. Your client doesn’t want to be hassled for products, and they shouldn’t be. So keep it light.

At, we create branded products specially made for any company. We know how tough the follow-up can be and that’s why we’re here to help!