Top 10 Colors for Spring ’17

Exciting News – Pantone names top 10 colors of Spring 2017!

How, you ask? “The Pantone team looked at each outfit from the approximately 119 scheduled shows and presentations at New York Fashion Week to determine which color variations appeared most often.” (LA times)

And the Winners are:


  1. Primrose Yellow – Pantone 13-0755
  2. Lapis Blue – Pantone 19-4045
  3. Flame – Pantone 17-1462
  4. Island Paradise – Pantone 14-4620
  5. Pale Dogwood _ Pantone 13-1404
  6. Greenery – Pantone 15-0343
  7. Pink Yarrow – Pantone 17-2034
  8. Hazelnut  – Pantone 14-1315
  9. Kale – Pantone 18-0107
  10. Niagara – Pantone 17-4123

Many of these hues invoke the colors of nature and blend together nicely.

Blue continues to remain a spring staple, with three blue Pantone colors, all of which bring an extra dose of energy to the classics.

And for those looking for something familiar, Pale dogwood calls to mind the feelings of Rose Quartz.

 As you plan your spring promotions, keep these colors in mind to stay on trend!

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