6 Corporate Gift Trends For The Holidays

The Holidays are coming…have you ordered your Corporate Gifts?

Here are 6 Corporate Gift Trends for the Holidays from ASI*!

  1. Food. Yes, food. Sometimes the most common gift is the one that’s most enjoyable. That’s certainly the case with promotional food products, which ASI data shows is the most popular holiday promo item outside of gift cards.
  2. Athleisure. This holiday season, formal apparel gifts are out, while relaxed apparel – commonly called athleisure wear – are in. But ironically, they’re not just for leisure anymore. “The way we dress for the office is changing due to the strength of the athleisure movement, making us rethink what we wear to work,” says Vicki Ostrom, a senior designer at SanMar, a Washington-based supplier.
  3. Fleece. When you think fleece this holiday season, think beyond traditional outerwear. For example, fleece ponchos, beanies, blankets, scarves and drawstring backpacks are in style, and helpfully one-size-fits-all. gifts-insert
  4. Bags. If a client is looking for a luxury gift in 2016, leather bags should be one of your go-to items. In fact, one ASI client said a leather duffel stands out as the best gift he’s ever received. “Obviously it’s on the high end, but I use it frequently and see the branding on it each time to remind me who gave it to me,” he says.
  5. Adult Coloring Books. Looking for a fun and budget-friendly gift that can engage and thank customers? Adult coloring books might be a strong option. Because coloring books can be specially designed, they work well across just about any market – from health care to insurance to education. Adult coloring book suppliers can tailor every page to fit a client’s desired message.
  6. Tech. Tech promo items are still as trendy as ever, especially with younger demographics and for companies that have employees that are constantly on the go. But in this vast field of options, what should you showcase? ASI recommends wireless speakers, headphones, power banks and other mobile-type items.
*Excerpts from http://www.asicentral.com/news/how-to/november-2016/how-to-select-great-2016-corporate-holiday-gifts/

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