How to Follow-Up After an Event

How to Follow Up After an EventIt may seem like your corporate or promotional event has come to an end, but really, that’s just the beginning. Now that you have a whole new rolodex of contacts to sift through, it’s time for one of the most important steps in any sales process: the follow-up. And with vendors and clients, a proper follow-up can go a long way in establishing a successful relationship.

Here’s how to land it:

Be Prompt

At the heart of every successful follow-up is a demonstration of your company’s values, and what you offer clients. And reliability should be one of them. So a follow-up note or email that arrives weeks after an event may not be the best idea. We highly recommend sending your follow-ups two to three days after an event ends, to start immediately growing what was already started. This will tell clients that you mean business.

Be Thankful

Showing is caring, and one of the best things you can do for a client is appreciate their time. That means saying thank you.

But before you send, consider your size. If it was a large event, with many vendors or clients, it’ll be easier to email those involved, thanking them for their attendance. However, if it was a smaller event, with fewer parties in attendance, a physical thank you card or note will relay your appreciation. This small act shows a client that you care about growing their relationship, and hope to work together soon. And if you have any event photos with the client, include them!

Be Informational

Follow-ups that lack anything substantial to offer the client or customer will likely hit a dead end fast. So be ready to deliver with future dates for events, special offers, or any other information that may prove useful. But remember: you’re not selling quite yet. Your client doesn’t want to be hassled for products, and they shouldn’t be. So keep it light.

At, we create branded products specially made for any company. We know how tough the follow-up can be and that’s why we’re here to help!

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