Common Promotional Product Myths

Promotional Product Myths

Promotional products are too expensive. They’re not worth the investment. No one pays attention to them. Have you heard this before? We sure have. That’s because there is so much misinformation and myths out there about promotional products, and what they can afford your company.

So we’re here today to dispel a few of the most common ones.

Promotional products are overpriced

We beg to differ. In fact, not only are promotional products not too expensive, they’re some of the most cost-effective means of advertising in the industry. For what they offer, they’re a true bargain.

Promotional products are all the same

If that’s the case, then you haven’t seen our selection at, where we offer a constantly evolving line of the best promotional products around. And, they can be customized!

Promotional products are cheesy

We can’t tell you how often we hear this one—that promotional products come off as tacky, and nobody actually uses them. But then we hear from clients who cannot get enough of them. That’s because customers like free swag that is directly linked to a brand or event held that they recognize, and respect. If it’s funny, even better!

Other advertising works better than promotional products

There is no argument that a commercial or billboard are, also, effective ways of advertising. But we see promotional products as laying the foundation for future potential growth. Once you have that marketing tool in hand, there is no telling what your company can achieve.

What’s the benefit of promotional products?

Promotional products offer free advertising, brand recognition and new and innovative ways of communicating your company to the customer.

At, we’re always looking for the latest advances in the promotional product industry, as we try to offer the most diverse range of products around. Whatever your company’s needs are, we’ll fit them and we’ll knock those myths out once and for all!

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