How You Can Show Appreciation at Work

Showing appreciation at workIt’s no secret that gratitude and appreciation are the keys to a healthy outlook. Think about the people who make your workday brighter – the colleague who volunteers to help out with a project, the mentor who gives you valuable career advice or that person who always smiles at you in the elevator. Chances are, you feel pretty grateful for those people!

Don’t keep those feelings of gratitude to yourself. When you show other people at work how much you appreciate them, you brighten their day as well, encouraging them to pay it forward and create a positive culture in the workplace.  An atmosphere of appreciation motivates people to work harder, and is directly linked to job satisfaction.

Saying a simple “thank you” is one way to show appreciation, but perhaps you’d like to go above and beyond. Try a few simple tips:


Give the person you appreciate a specific compliment that makes them feel proud. For example, you could say: “Thank you so much for helping me edit that report. You have quite a way with words!”

Let the world know

At the next team meeting, mention how much you appreciate the help you received from your teammate. You could also email the person’s boss to let him or her know how grateful you are.

Take them out

Offer to buy your coworker lunch, coffee or a happy hour drink as a token of your appreciation.

Give a gift

Everyone loves a nice present. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out for a wide array of branded merchandise that would make great “thank you” gifts!

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