Short-Term, Long-Term & Brand-Memory Explained

Brand-MemoryOur brains are pretty amazing. Of the millions of different tasks they perform every day, memory is just one of them. Of course, there are different types of memory: short-term and long-term. For business owners and marketers, imprinting brand memory in consumers’ brains is absolutely key. Confused by all this terminology? Read on!

The first thing you should know is that short- and long-term memory each work from different parts of the brain. When you have to remember an address or the name of a new acquaintance, your pre-frontal lobe (the part of your brain just behind your forehead) becomes very active imprinting the short-term memory.

Now, if you went to that address every day or if the acquaintance became a friend, the address or name would become part of your long-term memory. Information is transferred to the long-term memory from the short-term memory via a different part of your brain, the hippocampus.

Now, how does all that apply to your business? Well, first of all, when a customer frequently encounters your brand – by seeing your logo, by hearing others talk about it, by interacting with it in person – your brand continuously enters his short-term memory.

All interactions with your brand – advertising, products, and reputation – contribute to brand memory.

As short-term brand memories accumulate, your brand enters the customer’s long-term memory as well. Voila – long-term brand memories are imprinted, and the customer instinctively reaches for your brand because it’s familiar and has positive associations!

Branded merchandise is a great way to imprint brand memory. Whether it’s a T-shirt, a tote bag, a pen or a beach blanket, if a customer frequently uses a product emblazoned with your logo, your brand memory will stick in her brain, encouraging her to become a loyal, long-term customer. Branded promotional products from are a great way to go – place your order online today!

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