Nonprofits and Promotional Products

Nonprofits and Promotional ProductsIf you’re involved with a nonprofit, then you know the importance of spreading awareness for your cause! But did you know that promotional products can be a great tool for spreading the word?

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are any kind of merchandise given away or sold by an organization. Everything from t-shirts to mugs to pens and more fall into the category. Usually these items are customized to include the company’s name or logo.

People like swag!

Promotional products are great, cost-effective tools in creating awareness of and a community around your nonprofit. Some of the most world-renowned marketing campaigns developed from promotional products, such as Livestrong and Susan G. Komen.

According to a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 85 percent of people who received promotional products remembered the name of the advertiser that provided the item. Moreover, 52 percent of recipients had a more favorable opinion of the advertiser after receiving the item. The study also found that consumers prefer promotional products over all other forms of advertising, including internet, tv, and mobile ads.


You might think that promotional products are more expensive than digital advertising, but the same ASI study found that the cost per impression of a prime-time television ad is 2.5 cents per dollar while the cost per impression for promotional products is 0.7 cents per dollar—less than a third of the cost! Overall, promotional products are less expensive than all other advertising mediums. is your one-stop source for all of your promotional product needs, with more than 3,000 suppliers, offering customers more than half a million different unique items that can be completely customized. From pens and tote tags to phone cases and office items, we offer countless ways to celebrate your company or organization and help get your name out there.

Why You’ll Want a Padfolio

Why You’ll Want a PadfolioDo you spend your work days running from meeting to meeting and struggling to take everything you need with you? Are you looking for something more professional and organized to bring on an interview? Then a padfolio could be just want you need!

What is a padfolio?

A padfolio is a small, thin briefcase-like portfolio, perfect for any business professional. This slim folder is designed to contain everything you need for an interview or business meeting, from notepads and pens to tablets and more.

Why use a padfolio?

A padfolio is a stylish choice to help you make a first impression, whether for a job interview or business meeting. It will also help keep you organized and eliminate worries about forgetting things. With the holidays right around the corner, a padfolio is the perfect gift for the business professionals in your life. Padfolios also make great promotional products to distribute, as you can include customized writing pads, pens, and more to advertise your business in a unique way.

What to look for

There are many different padfolio options to choose from, with different materials and styles. It’s important to select a high-quality padfolio to make sure it will stand up to everyday use.

Here at, our Deluxe Padfolio is a customer favorite. Made of Ultra Hide Simulated Leather, this padfolio features an organizer section, which includes a gusseted file pocket, business card holder slots, a clear ID or calculator pocket, CD pocket, an interior zippered pocket, a wide body pen holder and an 8 1/2″x11″ writing pad with matching privacy cover. It comes in a variety of colors and style options that you can customize to your liking. Contact us for a quote today by calling 941-342-9626!

The Most Powerful Brand Marketing Tool? Promotional Products

The Most Powerful Brand Marketing Tool? Promotional Products

If you own a business, then you know that one of the biggest challenges you face on an almost daily basis is marketing yourself properly to potential customers. There are many different ways to market your business, but there are some that will work better than others. You might be surprised to hear that utilizing promotional products is one of the most effective ways to do it. While it won’t often cost you a lot of money to market yourself in this way, it can pay off in the end and help you acquire more customers over time.

Why are promotional tools so effective?

There are many reasons for it. One reason is that everyone enjoys getting something for free, so you won’t have any trouble getting promo products out into the world. Whether you decide to make promotional T-shirts, pens, bags, or something else, it will be easy for you to give your items to people. You will also find that people will actually put these items to good use. A recent study showed that about 80 percent of people own between one and 10 promotional products and that more than 50 percent of people use a promotional product once a week. Additionally, about 60 percent of people will keep promotional products for more than two years once they get them.

You do need to put some thought into the types of promotional products that you choose to give away to customers

Approximately 20 percent of people say they will throw out a promo item if they don’t deem it to be useful. So before you buy a bunch of promotional products, you should consider whether or not people will use it. You should also try and invest in products that people will use often or at last look at regularly. For example, a refrigerator magnet or a pen makes for a great promo product because people tend to see them every day, which then forces them to think about your business.

You can try to market your company in other ways. You can buy TV and radio time, take out advertisements in newspapers, and put up billboards, but promotional products are still going to prove to be your best bet! can help you find the best possible promotional products for your specific business. Take a look around at all we have to offer or call us at 941-342-9626 today to place an order!

The Most Powerful Brand Marketing Tool? Promotional Products


Importance of Promotional Items

promotional itemsYou may have the best business in the business, but if you’re not able to get the word out about your services, you won’t be successful. That’s why promotional materials are so important: it’s all about marketing your company, and making sure your customers and your potential customers know your name.

Cost Effectiveness

Promotional items are actually an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business. Low-cost marketing like pens or pencils with company logos, mugs that you scatter around the office, and even things like USB drives or coasters, can make a lasting impact on your customers—for very little upfront cost.

Make an Impression

In fact, according to Design Hill, six in ten consumers keep promotional products that they pick up for up to two years. And, about 89% of consumers can remember the company that gave them the promotional product—and their experience with the company—even years after receiving the item.

Expand the Brand

Promotional materials also work in a larger function, in addition to marketing your services and driving business—they promote and define your brand. Your goal in creating a company brand is to have something striking that makes an impression on people; promotional materials can help you do that by getting your brand and logo in front of consumer’s faces, and making an impression on them.

Your brand is important; which means, it doesn’t just matter what the logo looks like that you print up on some promotional pens and mugs—the quality of the pens and mugs matters, too. That’s why we at Promo are committed to quality materials and quality printing, guaranteed to expand your business, promote your brand, and bring in business. With any questions you may have, give us a call today at 941-342-9626 and be sure to browse our website on Black Friday!