A Quick Glance

How many promotional items are used BY YOU, EVERY DAY?

More than you think!

Don’t believe us? Try this!

Let’s start with ONE product – your COFFEE MUG (or tea, if you are so inclined).

Now, take a QUICK GLANCE around your home or office.

How many MUGS do YOU have in your cupboard, or on your desk?

And how long have you had them?


DId you know that 58% of consumers keep their Promotional Products anywhere from one year to more than FOUR YEARS?*

Even if you only use your MUG once per week, that’s 52 impressions made over the course of just ONE YEAR!

THAT’S the Power of Promotional Products!

*Source: PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium

Attention Lip Gloss Lovers

Who doesn’t need a mirror when applying lip gloss…or any make-up?

Avoid those embarrassing moments when you find you’re wearing color on places you didn’t plan!

This Imprinted Lip Gloss comes in lots of different colors and includes a mirror that will make everyone’s life easier.


Lip Gloss Compact With Mirror


Perfect size for pocket or purse. Natural flavor. Meets FDA requirements. Complies with FDA. 2″ Diameter

Check them out here.


Top 10 Colors for Spring ’17

Exciting News – Pantone names top 10 colors of Spring 2017!

How, you ask? “The Pantone team looked at each outfit from the approximately 119 scheduled shows and presentations at New York Fashion Week to determine which color variations appeared most often.” (LA times)

And the Winners are:


  1. Primrose Yellow – Pantone 13-0755
  2. Lapis Blue – Pantone 19-4045
  3. Flame – Pantone 17-1462
  4. Island Paradise – Pantone 14-4620
  5. Pale Dogwood _ Pantone 13-1404
  6. Greenery – Pantone 15-0343
  7. Pink Yarrow – Pantone 17-2034
  8. Hazelnut  – Pantone 14-1315
  9. Kale – Pantone 18-0107
  10. Niagara – Pantone 17-4123

Many of these hues invoke the colors of nature and blend together nicely.

Blue continues to remain a spring staple, with three blue Pantone colors, all of which bring an extra dose of energy to the classics.

And for those looking for something familiar, Pale dogwood calls to mind the feelings of Rose Quartz.

 As you plan your spring promotions, keep these colors in mind to stay on trend!


How do you turn an inexpensive promotional product into a Gift item? It’s simple!
Just put several smaller promotional products together in a Unique Container, and Voila!
You now have a unique Gift item!
Here’s some Great Ideas:
  • Imprinted T-shirts in a Water Bottle with a Pen
  • Imprinted Candy in a Mug
  • Tech Items – USB, Chargers – grouped together!
Check out these Great Ideas and More at PromoProducts.com!

Swag Matters: The Importance of Event Branding

Swag Matters.

No Event is complete without a little SWAG. Swag can be a great way to get your brand’s message out there and start some conversations. Guests attending a party or business event anticipate opening their bag of goodies – and a poor choice in product can find your branding idea tossed in the nearest trash can.

What is Swag?

“Swag” is a slang term used to describe the promotional products given away as a form of advertising – an imprinted item branded with the company’s name, logo, and/or colors. Common swag includes T-shirts, pens, product samples, and reusable items.

Swag Lasts.

Swag items are meant to be used and kept as a reminder of your brand or event. That branded mug on your desk, the t-shirt promoting a 5k in your closet, the custom-shaped USB on your keychain – swag, swag, swag – and you kept it! Create a lasting impression – long after the event has passed – by taking the time to choose the right product.

Choose the Perfect Promo.

Make your swag matter – think about your event purpose and the audience you are reaching with your product to choose a perfect and relevant swag item.

Ask these three (3) questions to ensure that your swag item is a KEEPER, and not one that’s, well, lame:

  1. Is it Useful?
  2. Is it Event-Specific?
  3. Would YOU want it?

Is it Useful?

Generally, products that are useful are more effective. For example, Mobile Device Chargers are a great swag item for conferences. Attendees are tweeting, emailing, texting, and quickly draining their device battery. Give out mobile chargers – you’ll be the talk of the conference and your swag item will be used long after the event is over. Travel Coffee Mugs are always a winner at trade shows. Convenient, green, and reusable – your branded mug can go everywhere!

Is it Event-Specific?

Consider the purpose of the event. Black-tie gala, theme events, receptions, industry trade show – these very different events call for very different promotional event products.

Would YOU want it?

If you wouldn’t want an item in YOUR bag, why would you brand that specific item and give it to people with your logo? Swag should be a pleasant surprise, encouraging the person to engage with your brand and keep the item handy long after the event – not to toss your branded product in the nearest trash can.


Are you ready to order your event swag?

When you are ready to customize any of the items listed, or for more innovative ideas, contact Joyce at Promo World (www.promoproducts.com) at 941-342-9626.  She will lead you in the right direction for your individual needs!

Whether you’re looking for custom journals, promotional padfolios, promotional sunglasses, or custom tumblers and drinkware, or if you want help finding items for corporate gifts or tradeshow giveaways, she can suggest just the right product.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Beat the Competition

So here is a silly question for you…when does everyone give Holiday gifts?

December, of course.

With all those gifts flying everywhere, how do you make sure your Holiday promotion stays ahead of the crowd?

You’ll really stand out when you give a gift that is received in November!


Thanksgiving gifts get remembered more than traditional Holiday gifts because you get there first!

Check out some great ideas at http://www.promoproducts.com – like this one:

White Turkey Stress Reliever


Turkey stress reliever, perfect for Thanksgiving. Made of soft polyurethane and easy to squeeze. Not suitable for children under 3 or pets. Complies with ASTM, CPSIA, UL. 3″ W x 3 1/4″ H x 2″ D

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